Scrum 101, thanks to Mike Cohn

Scrum Overview, from product backlog to the sprint deliverable

Scrum overview

As you can see in these posts, I’ve been refreshing my detailed knowledge of Scrum, which came both from practice and from the 280 Group’s Agile Product Management Excellence class. As I was doing this, I realized that the methodology I had learned, and the scrum masters I had worked with were, respectively, created and trained by Mike Cohn. I already had two books from Mike Cohn’s series, and had just ordered Essential Scrum: A Practical Guide to the Most Popular Agile Process; I heartily recommend the book. Since people make this information available on the web today, in summary form, I found an overview of Scrum on the Mountain Goat Software website. I recommend that you read all of the topics. An outline of the topics follow. Of course, there are also any number of articles on the Mountain Goat Software site.

But, if youwant the overview, go to the slide deck, or read the set of pages linked to below. They will give you an overview of the entire process.

Topics in Scrum

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