The makings of a new agile team

I’m working with a great team that has been “sort of” agile for a while. They work well together. Many of the artifacts of Scrum were present (standup, sprint planning, close of sprint demos and retrospectives). Others were missing: a defined scrum master and product owner. Basically, we have a new scrum team.

Mike’s blog post on “getting predictable” speaks to this well. In fact, there are two parts of his content that rang true to me.

First he describes the difference between an agile project and total chaos.

Without the ability to make and meet commitments, without the ability to look ahead and forecast what might be able to get done… we are asking our customers, our businesses, to make an indefinite investment in a project with no general ideal of what they are going to get when time and money runs out. To me… that is total non-starter.

That speaks for itself.

He then goes on to explain the need to form a team and deal with the risk and uncertainty in the project early, rather than going for easy wins. This is something for the whole team to work on, so I suggest that you just read Mike’s blog on this.

I also recommend reading the LeadingAgile posts on sprint planning.

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