We’re all new and learning here

I wrote a post earlier this week about working with a new scrum master. As I read Essential Scrum and prepared for my trip to Chicago to meet face to face on process, and our end of sprint and next sprint planning, I realized that the situation was a bit different than I’d thought.  I was in a new role. Here are the people and roles who are doing this for the first time.

  • Scrum master – has a strong background in project management, but not necessarily scrum facilitation
  • Product owner – the first product manager in the role in 6-8 years. While familiar with agile, has never been in a team
  • Scrum/agile coach (that’s me) – In my first turn with scrum, I managed product owners and would drop into meetings. I was a regular in sprint reviews, (at the scrum of scrum level for the project) and team sprint reviews when it was a product and feature area of interest. I was a chicken, not a pig. Then I learned to train agile to product managers and took a five month assignment as product manager/owner for a Windows software product. That was an education (with a great scrum master) and I was a pig. I advanced past that to coach the two people above and adapt agile culture to the current situation.

The roles are now clear. And it is also clear that we’re all learning on the job.

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